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5 Steps to Reverse your Money Back Immediately after ATM or POS debit your Account


ATM and POS dispense errors is a normal thing in Nigeria due to our bad network.


The frustration of ATM or POS debit your account is really bad if you have experienced it before. To get your money back from bank is very simple but most people don’t know.

I will take you to 5 simple Steps to get your money reverse back into your account immediately after ATM or POS debited you Account without visit any bank

If you use ATM or POS and your account was debited for an unsuccessful transaction. First thing to do is to quickly dial your bank USSD code to check your balance. If you don’t get an auto reversal, then Wait for 24 hours to get an auto reversal. If after 24 hours, you don’t get your money back. Then follow this steps

1. If you have your bank Application, Login and lodge the complain

2. Open your email app to write a full details of the error to your bank. You will get your money back immediately

3. You can also login to your Twitter app to Direct message your bank.

4.You can also use Facebook to message your bank. Only Direct message

5. call your bank official phone number to report the error then Wait for the reply or call from your bank.

The details you need to lodge any dispense error are:

Your account number

Your bank account

The date of the transaction

Your mobile phone number.

Your first 6 digits of your and the last 4 digits

Kindly Note, Don’t put your bank details on your bank’s timeline on Facebook, twitter.

Only direct messages is advisable to avoid been scammed.

You error will be solved in 5 working days depends on your bank.

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