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Posted by Victor Kachi

Americans Finally Discover why Africans Are Not Dying in thousands from COVID-19



This man was so stressed why the media was not revealing that Africans we biting the dust in thousands. He was trusting that the media will report that numerous individuals only kicked the bucket in Africa.

This is incompletely why individuals are imagining that this Coronavirus is either an organic weapon to control the number of inhabitants on the planet or made to impact Chinese strength. As per one Twitter use, Chinese were incompletely irate with Africans was on the grounds that they were not biting the dust in thousands like different nations were passing on which is to state they are insusceptible to the infection for sure. One man answered that those rare sorts of people who were biting the dust in Africa are the individuals who were at that point wiped out previously.

In any case, Africans, particularly Nigerians have attacked his handle to reveal to him their brains. They communicated open confidence in God as their mystery not charms and voodoo as alledged by certain Americans and Europeans. Other than they are being careful and as yet petitioning God. Africans realize that they can’t deal with this without anyone else. We need God to help us not at all like other people who figure they can do everything without God.

Africans have their God in their lives and is shown with the way the land is peaceful always.

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