⦁ The board of trustee (BOT), Onirese House Foundation
⦁ The constitution committee, Onirese House Foundation foundation headed by its chairman Com. Adewuyi Adeolu
⦁ The displinary committee, Onirese House Foundation headed by its chairman Com. Ayodeji David
⦁ The national executive council, Onirese House Foundation, headed by president of the foundation Conm. Sodiq Ayobami
⦁ All member duely sitted here were all recongnised
These are bounding forces, an anchor and a compass that designed to checkmate all various activities going on in the foundation
This constitution is bounding on:
1. The convener of the foundation
2. All BOT members
3. All NEC officials
4. All members
All designed purposely to:
1. Correct all abnormalities
2. Guide us from mistakes and error
3. Direct us towards a right path
4. Discipline us when needed
⦁ As the saying goes “The constitution is the power of any association or foundation” This constitution is not meant to enslave or make slave of anybody but to checkmate us any time the need arises in other to faster us on a right track.
i. The founder shall supercede the realms of operation of onirese house foundation as it has beeen duely agreed upon by all BOT members of the foundation without any sentment or biased mind
ii. That all BOT meetings shall be presided upon by the founder or otherwise designated to another BOT member by the founder
iii. That the BOT member of onirese house foundation still remain Com. Ogunleke Adeniyi, Com. Ayodeji David and Com. Adewuyi Adeolu being the pioneer member.
iv. That the founder (convener) is not empower to introduce or bring other member into the BOT as a member unless this constitution committee of this foundation
v. That the office of the founder can not be contested nor abused
vi. That the founder is empowered to invite any national executive council member into the BOT meetings either to account, answer to a qurrys observations in anything after giving a notification to the BOT otherwise Void & Noid
Subsection a
i. That the national Executive council is not equal to the BOT no matter your level of performance, education, status and closeness to the founder
ii. That the BOT is empowered to invite any NEC officials to give an update, various official matters relating to his office at anytime throught any means of communication
iii. That the founder is empower within this constitution to lay off any NEC officials with or without any notification to the BOT or any principal NEC officials
iv. That the founder is empowered to change individual portfolio of any NEC officials lacking in his/her duties after reccurent lapses, mistakes or error.
v. That any notification, write-ups, bulletin, memo not attested upon by any member of BOT is noid and void and should not be accrued to
vi. That the founder can single handed attest to any publication bearing O.H.F before dispatchment
i. That no national executive council is empower to qurry, challenge openly the activities, irregularities misdeeds or actions of any member of BOT
ii. No decision reached by all or any NEC officials that is authentic without transmitting the decision to the BOT for deliberation or aproval
iii. That the founder is empower to single handedly sign or aproved any decision reached by the BOT members as it may deem fits
iv. That the president shall over see and preside all NEC meetings as the case maybe
v. Any convergence, meetings of NEC officials without at least a representative of any BOT members is noid & void and will not be reckone with
vi. That the national execution council will run concurrently to discharge their duties for the period of two years
Subsection b
i. That any member of NEC officials can be expelled, suspend upon any misconduct or deeds by BOT members
ii. That the disciplinary committee of onirese house foundation is empowered to summoned any NEC officials for interrogation and if found guility is to face the consequence
iii. That no member is allowed to use the name “Onirese House Foundation” without prior consultation with the board, If found liable, such culprit will face the consequence by the D.C of the house
iv. That the chairman, D.C Com. Ayodeji David along side with his secretary who is the president of the NEC having its two members to be the president of the NEC and the chairman constitution committee will decide on which disciplinary measure to be given to any culprit who is found guility
v. Any representation to any where on the platform of Onirese House Foundation in the absence of the founder or any BOT members is false and unrecongnised
vi. Any meetings, programs, write-ups must obey the Organogram, Hierrachy of the foundation house
Founder – BOT – President – NEC – Members
i. Nobody irrespective of his/her influence is empower to change the laid down structure of onirese house in terms of (i) The name of the foundation (ii) The concept of the foundation
ii. That it is only BOT member that is empower to either Add, substract & AdJust the concept of the foundation house but its subject to changes upon consideration
iii. That the BOT members is subject to advice, constructive criticism by NEC or members of the house

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