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Posted by Victor Kachi

History Of Onirese House Foundation




Historical background
Onirese House Foundation is a non – governmental organization that was born out of strong passion and enthusiasm on the 12th of August 2019 by a group of people known as ONE MIND Initiative group made up of Com. Ajagbe Paul Olukunle, Com. Ogunwuyi Adeniyi, Com. Ayodeji David and Com. Adewuyi Adeolu.

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Furthermore, The group of people are known as pioneer member of this foundation, these stakeholders after series of deliberations permutations deaded to distribution offices to each one of them to enhance effectiveness. Com. Ajagbe Paul Olukunle (The Convener) was selected among the pioneer member as the founder of the founder, The general secretary was given to Com. Ayodeji David, The Chairman of the foundation is Ogunleke Adeniyi, While the power house of the foundation known as the publicity secretary was no other person but Com. Adewuyi Adeolu.
The decision making of the organization known as the Board of Trustee [BOT] under the govering chairman of Com. Ogunleke Adeniyi comprising of his members to be Com. Ajagbe Paul Olukunle (The Convener), Com. Ayodeji David, Com. Adewuyi Adeolu. The board was instituted on the 17th of october 2019 at exactly 5:10pm at the secretariate of the foundation and swearing in was done by the chairman of the house.


The quality of a person’s life, organization or gathering is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of the chosen field of endeavour by “Vince Lombard” An organization, individual without a concept, a defined purpose or ambition is like a beautiful worm… It creep, but it can not fly by “Henry Ward B”
The future belongs to the who believe in their own ideals and concept in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt
Our concept is our pivotal…We belive that out the broken pieces of the past… an edifice of hope can still be built. These are the pilliar, our concept that O.H.F hang upon –
1. ONIRESE HEALTH SCHEME – “The foundation of success in life is good health: That is the substratum fortune; It is also the basic of happiness: A person can not accumulation a fortune very well when he is sick” by P.T Barnum. Government are really try my in as far health related issues.

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Furthermore, Onirese Health Scheme Program has partnered with some other health medication centres to ease and to enhance effectiveness in our services. The collaboration health centres include Immanuel Medical Centre, Aguodo Area, Ogbomoso where medical and physiotherapy equipments was provided to support the health program, Oluwafeyikemi Diagnostic centre, Isale ojagbo area also supported the program where various Medical Laboratory Kits, Test – strips and other medical investigations as referred by that foundations are carried out. Moreover, We believe that good health and good serve are two of life’s greatest blessings by “publillus syrus” Onirese Health Scheme is meant to rebuild health clecay
Health Mission Statement – Health is better than wealth grandma moses
Health “Vision/Perority – Commission to take health to under-development areas. A scheme that has been designed to help those faced with health challenges such as in cases of surgery. Health Counselling & Various Medical treatment as case may be.
The Onirese Health Scheme is co-ordination by its Director, Com. Dr Ajagbe P.O, For enqury call: 07068415253, 08156701769.


2. ONIRESE EDUCATIONAL SCHEME – Education is light one of the hidden foxes destroying this country is bad or lack of good education. As the saying going “you can’t give what you don’t have. Operation catch them young for the richs and growing out ones and never too late for the adult is your pivotal. We are in a project to the equip the student with necessary academic materials for their future. The educational scheme of this pilliar is subdivided into three arms –
a. Carrier talk for the secondary school leavers
b. Free carrier constultancy project
c. Free senior secondary school tutorial class
a. The carrier talk of this arm is centred on going to various secondary schools most expercially those in their final year to know what they want to become in life. Its quite unfortunately nowadays that many student are just heading to no destination. Infact the journey and enlightment would start from their secondary school 1 (S.S.1) which would have enabled them to know –
i. Their strength course
ii. Their natural input
iii. Their passion and will power
b. Free carrier consultancy program: This will be an avenue where student who want to know how to choose their life carrier will be guided towards a right path. Its free… free for all!
c. Free senior secondary school tutorial class; A qualified certified teachers will be empolyed which will be paid by the foundation monthly. This is done to support the government, parent and the pupils to in achieving there God given goal.
2. ONIRESE MEDIA CONCEPT – The media concept of Onirese House is comprises of
a. Talent exhibition
b. Drama

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