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What to do Immediately You Start Getting Debit Alerts for Transactions You Don’t Know About


Hundreds, if not thousands of people get scammed in one way or the other daily in Nigeria.

Some are from their accounts directly and other via ATM card breach.

Many give out their personal details without even knowing it by falling victim to those who call for BVN updates or discrepancies.

Before you know it, you start getting alerts and “voom”, account is empty.

Now here are 5 quick tips on what to do if you a a victim of this



1. Quickly call your bank’s customer care number or their fraud alert number (You can ask you account officer for this or from the banks, website). You can have it saved in your phone already so that in the case or emergency, all you need to do is call, that is not when you start looking for the number. ” OYA go and do that immediately after reading this post”. This is faster than running to the bank especially if you bank doesn’t have a branch close to you or it is happening late at night.

2. Send a quick email to your customer care email. Also have this email handy so that you can send with speed in the case of emergency.

3. Ask of your account officer’s number. You can get this from you online banking platform when you log in. If you don’t have that, go to your bank and ask to be introduced to your account officer and collect his personal number. In the case of emergency, you can call him anytime for advise or block your account if you suspect any thing wrong before it gets out of hand.

4. Also visit your bank’s social media handles and see what people are talking about so you have some information ahead on what is happening and be able to take preventive measures.

5. Mind who you give your banking details to. Whether on land or over the phone, NO bank will call you to ask for you PIN or BVN details. Don’t fall for that. If you get any calls, go to your bank and sort it out, never over the phone most fraudsters use this to scam discerning hearts.

Hope this helps

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