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Nigeria Has Become A Barbaric Nation, Said By Bashir Tofa

    Posted by on February 7, 2020, Under: News

*The Point-Blank!*

*Intervene Now, Clouds Of War Gathering Over Nigeria …’Bashir Tofa’ to Nigerian BIG-MEN.*

The last time Nigeria heard him was *1993* when
he sought to be *President.* Now, he is being heard again with a dire warning of what he sees on the horizon, what another compatriot, *Gen. T Y Danjuma* has called the *‘war without fronts’.* It is thus not whether he is making sense or not, *but a case of a senior citizen putting his* *thoughts together on an issue which he is absolutely*
*qualified to speak on as a citizen.*

*Read on:*

*Alhaji Bashir Tofa:* The Clouds of War are gathering with blood sucking *gods* that follow the perching of vultures.
*Vultures from Europe, vultures from England, vultures from Asia, yes, vultures from America, that deal on Arms.*
With *eyes* constantly fixed on any trouble spot in the world. They’re are
hopefully praying to extend their business from
*Tripoli to Abuja.* This is because, *Nigeria* is fast
ascending to the very path that *Freetown* took.
The path that ruined *Congo and Libya.* The
expressway to *Rwanda,* that is the path *Nigeria is fast speeding into.*
Yet, this path is not a new path to us. It’s a *familiar terrain* that we have taken before. In *1966,* long before even the
Rwandan path was paved, *We wasted over 3million people as hundreds of innocent souls were slaughtered before even the war started.*
Long before the Rwandan path was paved, religious differences and ethnic intolerance as being repeated today, led to a *Civil War* that took *our best,* took *our Leaders,* took *innocent Souls*
and *took Us backward.* The backwardness is still *hunting and hurting us till day.*

And, it’s the *wounds of the war that was not treated in a round table talk; talk, that is leading to another war.*

Yet, the *Leader of the nation insists that he’s comfortable exactly the way things are.*

So, it’s either *history is unfair to us or our Leaders are blind to it.*
Indeed, *the death meant to kill a dog does not allow her to smell faeces.*
And, like the saying goes, those who do not
understand history are bound to repeat it.
Even if we hadn’t experienced a civil war before, what happened in *Freetown, Monrovia, Abidjan*
in recent history ought to have *taught us a lesson.*
The way *Tripoli was turned from a fast developing city into a slave town where war Lords reign should serve as a lesson.*
But no, *we learnt nothing.* Just 50years after,
when those that played major role to the last civil war are still alive, here the *snowball of war goes rolling down from the snow mountain of stupid arrogance,* gathering with it all the *ethnic intolerance and religious divide* that paved the
path of *Rwandan.*

*Special responsibility to be a force for peace: Where are you, Gen. Gowon? Your silence is strongly becoming cowardice.* *Where art thou*
*Gen. Abudsalem Abubakar?* *Your silence is strongly becoming a* *tactical approval to the atrocities* *going on in the nation.*
*Where are you Chief Emeka Anyaoku for there is an error in your silence.*
*Speak out Gen. IBB, or else history will record it that you said nothing when your voice was needed most.*
*Ochiagha Ndi-Igbo, Comr. Ebitu Ukiwe your Children are being slaughtered in their farms, and you said nothing.*

*You all said nothing* as the *young-man* who
watched his pregnant *Mother gang raped and her stomach ripped open bites his tongue and moan in revenge.*

You *Big-men in power and in office,* you felt
secured and less concerned because you thought the evil is far of. When this Rwanda that is fast speeding to Nigeria will arrive, the *Distinguished Senator will be extinguished; the Honorable House members will be dishonored; some of you in Executive Offices will be executed.*

All by *War Lords,* who will take-over and parade the
streets of Osun, Ondo, Edo, Sokoto, Abuja,
Calabar, Enugu, etc (all States in Nigeria). The
*War Lords* that took-over the streets of Rwanda
did the same. So, let each and everyone of
you wake up while it’s day. Let us collectively
pursue the black sheep, or else, *when Rwanda will arrive, lizards will replace cows as major source of protein in our cooking.*

Ask *Samuel Doe,* when Rwanda arrived at
Monrovia, he hit the streets from the Presidential
Palace in search of food after slaughtering his
lions for meal. That was how he was captured
and slaughtered.

*Rwanda does not respect Big-men and big Office Holders.* As there are no big-men Libya today, but War Lords that are selling the Children of even the Rich into slavery. When Rwanda arrives, *there will be no strong-man, no Community Leader, Big-men or Small-men.*

In Rwanda, there was not even *religious Leaders.* Everyone will be to himself, and *God* to all us. For the *Big-men aides* will desert them, and run to take their families into the bush, for
safety. Then, the high fences of the *local almighties* will be climbed, their strong pad-locks,broken; their properties stolen, *their wives and daughters violated before them.*

The *Late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, for they’re always the first target of the Rwanda mobs.*
Ask the *Former almighty of Congo, Zaire politics, when Rwanda visited, their Palaces were the first target of attack.*

So, *no one should feel less concerned about this Rwanda breeze that is blowing towards Nigeria.*
*Do whatever you can today to stop it by speaking out; or else, we all will live to regret our in actions.*

*If the truth must be said, the path way to Rwanda is being paved due to our Executive arms of Government lackadaisical attitude in respect to the insecurity ravaging the Country.*
Under this very *Regime* that came for *Change,*
*(Nigeria)* our beloved Country has unfortunately,
*become a lawless Country; a Country with no Rules and Regulation; a Country where laws are not adhered to; a Country where there is no consequence for killing of innocent Citizens. Yet, we have a Government in place that refuses to take responsibility; and Security Agents that seems not to know what their work is. Yet, every year we budget and spend Billions on Security Agencies, and the Citizens are taxed for this:*

*That’s how the path to Rwandan is being paved.*

On the expressway to Rwandan, Citizens got killed, innocent Girls are violated, Mothers raped, Farmers throat slit, People going about their
businesses are killed at gun-points, and nothing
was done about it. From Enugu, Kaduna South,
Bornu, Bauchi, Zamfara, Adamawa, Nasarawa,
Taraba, Plateau down to Benue, the Rwandan
experience is going on.

You might feel secure today because you move around with Escorts, but when Rwanda will arrive,
it will only be *War Lords* that will be escorted. There will be no Senator, Federal or State House
Member, because each zone will be manned by
War Lords that legislate the rule of law.

When Rwanda will arrive, there will be no Governor, no
Minister, no Government Officials, because there was none in Rwanda: each area will have a War Lord that will be lord of the law.
In Rwanda, there will be no middle class, industrialist, banks etc. So, there will be no ATM. The War Lords controlling the areas you fall into might decide to print a new Currency with his
head as the logo. So, stop counting on what you
have acquired now, for all be lost. *Haunting memories of Rwanda* in media

On the path to Rwanda, Men of *God* that speak
out and speak the truth to the Government of the day were arrested and detained. Just as it is happening now!
On the path to Rwanda the
Government of the day favoured one Ethnic group
against the other, and those that felt neglected took to self-defense. That was what paved the way to Rwanda.
The Rwandan highway is being paved in Kaduna
South, Jos, Taraba, Zamfara, Nasarawa and
Benue. Communities that felt neglected by the Federal Government are going into self-defense.
In Rwanda, babies were born with no future. As soon as they grow up, they pick up an AK 47 and start killing fellow human beings. That Rwandan path is being paved in the Boko Haram controlled areas in Northern Nigeria.
In Rwanda, bodies of dead people littered everywhere and the Government of the day felt
less concerned, just as dead bodies means
nothing anymore in Nigeria. *Nigeria* is just as if we are in *Liberia or Afghanistan.*

*Nigeria has become a barbaric nation with no respect for human life.*

*Like Rwanda, Nigeria has become a place where we wake up every day and hear that people are being slaughtered and we feel like it’s normal.*

In fact, like Rwanda, *Nigeria has become a place where we hear 6 killed, 24 injured and we are like it’s small.*

*Like Rwanda, Schools have closed in so many Villages, due to the attack of War Lords struggling for territories and the Government of the day are helpless about it. Nigeria is seriously drifting towards Rwanda, but some people instead of speaking out and saying the truth, are clapping and urging the President to go on as if nothing is happening. But, when Rwanda will arrive, there would be no Oil money to share, no nation to govern, and all the major Oil fields will be controlled by Niger Delta War Lords. So keep on
clapping and praising the Government while pregnant women are being slaughtered.

Keep on talking about 2023 while innocent Children are being murdered. Keep on pretending
that all is well with Nigeria when a foreign army of occupation has taken over most villages in Nigeria, and our Military are doing nothing about it.

Keep on feeling less concerned when our National territory has been invaded by foreign
Mercenaries and we keep on pretending like all is at peace. The truth is, we cannot continue like this and expect *Nigeria not to hit the Rwandan path.*

*Nigerians are being slaughtered like cattle, and their cries are hitting the ground.*

*Hearts are hurting, souls are ravaging for Revenge and they’re gathering storms of war.*

*Nigeria will not survive a second Civil war and the next war will be so shapeless, because people will be hit from all angles.*

In Rwanda, *everywhere and everyone was affected. When Rwanda visited Sudan, the former Senate President lined up to beg for food from the relief Agencies.*

The earlier our *Leaders* drop their ethnic and religious differences and come together to
demand an end to the killings moving from one
village to another to slaughter our people.

*Speak out now for no matter how small your voice may sound, our collective voices will l sound like a big mega phone to help stop the looming danger”*

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