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  • Recongnizing the chairman of the house in absentia
  • With all due respect to other Board of trustee member duely sited here, comprising of Com. Ayodeji David, who is the general secretary of the house and Com. Adewuyi Adeolu, who is the publicity secretary of the foundation.
    All Interm national exacutive council headed by the president “ALHAJI” in making Com. Sodiq (ALAFIN), I salute you all.
    Firstly, I must appreciation a job well done by you all since the inauguratin of this interm nation executive council about a month ago, your various contribution in diverse ways to enhance transformation of our agenda. Your tirdless effort, zeal and passion toward this concept, your advice and your constructive criticisim.
    Section A, SubSection a1 of the incoming constitution of onirese house foundation states and I quote “That the convener (founder) is empowered by this constitution to dissolve the national executive council at any given period of time without any notification give to theme upon their expiration of there tenured or not as the case may be. On this note am standing today as the convener of this noble foundation that the national executive council of this foundation is dissolve Immediately to be recovened back in due time.

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Furthermore, without any prejudice, sentiment or hidden intention but to enhance effectiveness in this foundation. This decision may bring about an uproar that why so sulden and quick but one thing is sure that noting is constant in life than “change” Section A, Subsection a2 of the incoming Onirese House Foundation constitution states and I quote “that the convener may or may not transmit any change in power, office or decision to the BOT members about NEC issues before implementation. There are so many mal-function, irregulation & flaws that has set in within this few days of this constituted body known as NEC which is against the laid down agenda down of this body. I have come to rebuild the broken wall of our dear community with every God given resources in me and people of the same mindset is needed not people with presonal motives.

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Portfolio are responsibility not just titles: we are all called to serve not to show off. In any organization in which people are designated with duties, much from that office is expected not for recongnition only on special outings. I came to believe that the inauguration of this existing NEC body is not performing. I stand to be corrected on this, only few are doing to the expectation. Few problems were identified by the BOT members that probably prompt this decision:
1. It is either the people given this portfolio did not understand the portfolio and the responsiblity attached to it.
2. Or not interested, not ready to pay price attached to the office.
3. No proper orientation about the concept of the foundation house
4. No organogram chart of the organization with NEC officials
5. No constitution guiding all talks, action & moves of the house
Furthermore, It is high time i set some record straight as we continue in this house that:
⦁ Onirese House Foundation still remain the name of the house
⦁ That the convener (founder) still have the copy write owner of the house.
⦁ Existence of BOT is not negotiable i.e highly recongnisable & functioning
⦁ That for now, The five pilliar holding Onirese House Foundation is our perorities
⦁ That no NEC officials approved by the BOT members permanent but subject to re-selection after his/her expiration of his tenur.
Conclusively; While waiting for our recoverning back any moment from now as memos and notification will get to you soon during the week and while waiting for proper documentation of Onirese constitution as the work and processes are ongoing various norminations will be made today as the names once again has been deliberated upon by the BOT members, scrutinized well. I want you all to take it in good fate anything given to you today. The names nomited today, upon the assumpyion of duty, An oficial I.D card will be given to you by the founder on the swearing date once the letter of acceptance is recieved from you. I would enjoyed all of you to know that it is an Aculious Task.
Com. Ajagbe Paul Olukunle

Founder Gen.

Com. Ayodeji David
Soc Com.

Adewuyi Adeolu
Publicity Soc.

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