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Posted by Victor Kachi

How To Restore Deleted Files On Your Phone.


It is a frustrating situatition whereby you lose some of your files/data, maybe due to mistake or automatic deletion, and then you find it difficult to retrieve those files when you are currently in desperate need of them.

In this article you will learn to retrieve your files from loss due to deletion. Though it is easy to get your pictures back when it was temporarily deleted in Applications like Google photos or other ADROID or IOS Applications that operates your pictures.

Therefore we will inspect these retrieval operations at two stages, one being the temporary deletion of pictures and the second being the deletion of pictures and other files permanently from your mobile phone

  1. Temporary Deletion Restoration.

When you mistakenly delete your pictures temporarily on an Android phone, all you have to do is get your phone, then open the application interface that operates your gallery(which is Google Photos, Gallery etc), tap on the option button featured on the top left corner of the application.

You will then be faced with various options, then tap on ‘Trash’, here are your deleted files ready for restoration (note: Files in your Trash will automatically be deleted in two months if you don’t restore them), therefore restore your files early to avoid permanent loss.

After you have seen your pictures, select the ones you need and tap on ‘Restore’ to get the pictures back on your mobile phone.

  1. Permanent Deletion Restoration With PC.

In a case that your files were permanently erased from your mobile phone, it is quite difficult to recover it, and it needs technical expertise to do so, except if you have a cloud backup or a rooter connection prior to the loss.

Step 1 is to download the Android Application called ‘Recover Software’ on your computer system(using an Android-Computer interface software), launch it, then connect your Android phone with your computer system before clicking on ‘Recover’.

Then you can choose your file types(types of file you prefer to restore)which will scan and finally display your deleted files and you can Recover the Deleted Data.

  1. Permanent Deletion Restoration With Android.

Download the Android Application named ‘Dr.fone Application’, Install and launch it on your Android phone.


Then when the Application is opened, tap on the ‘Speedy Recuperation Catch’ which will automatically start accessing your phone for any deleted files, and once it is done, you can easily select all your deleted files which have been made available for restoration by Dr.fone.





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