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WAEC Physics Specimen 2019



Exam Time: Friday 3rd May, 2019
Literature-In-English 2 (Prose) – 9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.
Literature-In-English 1 (Objective) – 10:45 a.m – 11:45 a.m

Literature OBJ


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Uncle Deyo was Ajumobi’s bossom friend when he was alive. They usually worked on their farms like twins. After the death of Ajumobi, he(Deyo) helps Yaremi with difficult chores such as mending the leaky roof of her house and rebuilding the walls of her mud house.
Apparently, Deyo is a responsible friend. He takes Alani on a tour of his fathers farms and tells him what is expected of him as Ajumobi’s only son. Unlike most men, who would like to take advantage of the widow of their deceased friend, Uncle Deyo did not do that nor did he try to covet or possess the landed property of his friend who had died. He meticulously guided Alani, Ajumobi’s only son on what is expected of him in life and assisted Ajumobi’s widow, Yaremi, the best way he could. Indeed a close examination of the role of uncle Deyo shows that he is a good man and a trusted friend.



The central character, Bigger Thomas’s trial hinges on judicial injustice.
The novel tends to depict the aforementioned concept, in the sense that the judicial system at the time of the novel – 1930’s – wherein racism, segregation and factionalization reigned Supreme.
It depicts the inequity of the judicial system with regards to certain key factors, viz, interest of the media, fair hearing and the promotion of political ambitions.
(i) Interest of the media: It should be observed that the setting of the novel shows the high degree of white supremacy. Those in the corridor of power were highly populated by whites and all the media – radio and TV stations-were solely controlled by them. In this regard, the outcome was always going to be on the side of the supremacists.
(ii) Fair hearing: One Is adjudged to be guilty before being proven innocent but in the case Bigger Thomas, he was not handed a fair hearing or a chance to defend himself.
(iii) Political ambitions – The incumbent Attorney General at the trial who had all “the cards in his pocket” knew he had the wherewithal to swing the case in his favour, no matter the emotional plea made by the public defender lawyer.
In summary the novel depicts the struggle of blacks in a supposed “white-ruled” society.





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